“About Jerusalem” with Dr. Fahed Abuakel & Ft. George Makhlouf

Do you want to know the reality about Jerusalem? Are you tired of hearing deceptive excuses of occupation (from those who stole it or their allies) rather than the truth from the people who the land was stolen from? As children, both of these distinguished Christian Palestinian guests had their families lands and/or futures taken from them by the zionist state along with the complete destruction of over 500 unarmed Palestinian villages. Trumps recent Jerusalem decision underscores the continuity of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1947/8. The American government and “Israel” have now officially stolen Jerusalem and almost all the land of Palestine from the Palestinian people. Hear the personal stories of what Jerusalem means to two Palestinians, its a great interview!

On December 11, 2017 Heather Gray of Just Peace on WRFG-FM in Atlanta interviewed Reverend Dr. Fahed Abuakel and Father George Makhlouf about the Trump decision and consequences in announcing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Dr. Abyakel is a Palestinian American Christian and who was born in Galilee and Father Makhlouf is a retired Eastern Orthodox Priest who was born in Jerusalem.